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Goli June? 

Farsi, meaning "Goli, Dear".

A term of endearment the designer grew up hearing from her loved ones. Please feel free to use it; you're a friend here, after all. 

Raised with Persian ideals in American culture, Goli has rarely conformed to one mindset, but rather, she combines all of her backgrounds to be able to view from a fresh perspective in her process. Sewing from an early age instilled a love for hand-creation and blossomed into an appreciation for all things beautiful. After graduating from university in her hometown of Chicago, her bridal enthusiasm took her to New Zealand, and later on, to New York City. Working with brides, producing gowns, styling and all things lovely, are what empower and drive this designer.  Goli works to create an ethical, empowering brand, providing quality gowns with only the finest materials and craftsmanship. 

For the bride trying really hard to stay chill. Independent, hard-working girl bosses who are thrilled to celebrate their impending union. They either know exactly what they want and have dreamt of their wedding since day one, or are looking for the dress version of their v-neck white t-shirt. If all other aspects of weddings are stressing, let our experience remain the fun part. 

We let the ever changing world around us be our inspiration, as well as the incredible women we meet each day.