2020 Collection Sneak Peek…



 This collection was born out of our time spent living between America and Oceania. It’s an exploration of existing in a transient state, never quite belonging and yet fully immersing yourself in the richness of the where you’re at. This nomadic love, combined with the colours and shapes of landscapes in Australia was the catalyst for our STRAY collection. The Goli June bride is creative, adaptable and minimal so that she can fearlessly embark on her adventures, like her marriage, without sacrificing her authenticity.

This sneak peek shoot was intended to defy time and space. Shot in the iconic Washington Mews in NYC, we wanted the images to allow our model, Nicole, to be transported to a villa in Spain or the streets of Paris. This sneak peek into our 2020 collection provides a look into the vibe of Goli June: classic silhouettes that accentuate the female form, modern fabrications and fit, and a cool assortment of pieces for any daring bride to rock.

The full collection will release online  and in our Chicago pop-up on October 18th, ranging in price from $500-$3,000. To book your appointment to try the full collection, click here.

Photographer: Rachel Leiner Photography

Model: Nicole Clancy