2019 Wedding Trends

 I know all the brides getting married this year are feeling the impending wedding season buzz, so we thought we would round up the Top 5 forecasted wedding trends for 2019! From flowers to décor to planning, take these trends as a springboard for inspiration and make them your own!



dried flowers.jpg

1. Cascading Blooms & Dried flowers

Personally, I have always loved dried flowers for décor, but they are having a serious bridal moment right now! They add a touch of moodiness as well as a classic elegance to your bouquet, especially when paired with some light greenery to add some geometric elements. Dried flowers can also act as a soft neutral pallet to pair against bolder colored blooms.

2019 is also ushering in the hanging and cascading florals, whether it is from the ceiling of the reception or used as statement décor at the alter. These pieces take up more space with less cost than say, a full living flower wall, and still dresses up any venue, making it feel lush and beautiful! 

moody flowers.jpg

2. Statement Headpieces

This one may have to do with all the royal weddings from 2018, but more brides are rocking some statement headpieces in the form of crowns, tiaras, halo’s and assortment of gems. Don’t be afraid to accessorize no matter what hairstyle you’re rocking, or how laid back your venue might be: you’re the bride, and over the top doesn’t exist!  

3. Epic Veils

What was traditional and antiquated is new and cool yet again! I love to see a bride rock a long, epic veil! It is truly the only time in your life you can wear such an accessory, so go all out girl! Veils with dynamic texture and trims will be popular, as well as the ever classic long mantilla.  


wearable floral.jpg

4. Floral accessories

Another accessory brides are sure to love in this coming year are quite literally just flowers! We’ve been seeing more brides straying away from the ever-popular flower crown and opting more for bracelets, collars, or arm wraps! It’s a stunning visual and a gorgeous way to infuse nature in with your wedding day apparel!



5. Personalized Ceremony

Potentially my favorite of our list is the idea of the personalized ceremony! In 2019, couples shouldn’t feel the need to adhere to all the archaic rules and traditions. Many couples are opting for private vows, where they express their vows to one another privately before the actual ceremony (because maybe everyone doesn’t have to hear your personal private love promises). Many are also choosing alternative venues like old factories and warehouses, and asking friends or family members to officiate instead of typical celebrants. Remember that if at the end of the day, the correct papers are signed and its all legal, then you can truly get married however you and your partner choose, so make it special!


xx GJ